About Us

Adventures for all

At Urban Saints, we recognise that Camps are a vital part of children’s and youth ministry and so we’re thrilled to be sharing our 2021 Camps programme, packed full of fantastic opportunities for you to head away and/or join in our online Camps. We run across the UK and Ireland which are packed full of memory-making activities, plus brilliant opportunities to explore what Christianity is all about.

Urban Saints are committed to running activities that are fully compliant with current Government guidance. Therefore, whilst we are publishing our 2021 plans, they are dependant on the ongoing Covid-19 situation changing in a way that permits residential experiences to run. Click on the link below to view our FAQs.

Our Camps are run by teams of volunteers who are totally committed to giving everyone the best time ever. We have robust policies, practices and processes in place that ensure that safety is our number one priority.

At Urban Saints we are passionate about making our Camps accessible for all children, young people and leaders – both practically and financially.

Urban Saints

In 1900 Albert Kestin walked through a North London park on a Sunday afternoon and saw a group of boys playing instead of being in church.

He asked them, “Why are you not in church lads?”, “It’s boring Sir!” they said. So, Albert asked the lads,” Would you come to an exciting Christian group if I set it up for you?” The lads agreed and, in that moment, the Urban Saints movement of volunteers leading young people’s Christian groups was born. Lasting 120 years and active across the UK, we have been a life changing family for 100,000s of young people and volunteers.

Today we are a UK wide missional community, dedicated to making young disciples for Jesus, having amazing adventures, loving justice and passionate about seeing Christianity back at the heart of British society.