Accessible to All

At Urban Saints we are passionate about making our Camps accessible for all children, young people and leaders. We are working hard to remove any barriers that might stop participation including practical adjustments and financial support.

What do you need?

God has made us all unique – each with our own gifts and abilities. We recognise that one size definitely doesn’t fit all and the great news is our Camps are geared up to be super-flexible to ensure everyone has the best time possible. We would love to talk through what changes or reasonable adjustments are needed to ensure your time on Camp is awesome. Please contact the Camp Leader directly (contact details are on the specific Camp’s web pages), call us on 01582 589850 or drop us an email.

Concerned about the cost?

Whilst we strive to make our Camps as affordable as possible, we are aware that the cost can present challenges. Therefore, we offer a bursary scheme for those in need of financial assistance. To apply for an Urban Saints’ bursary please click here or contact the specific leader of your Camp.